We are going to play a game, little one… a very exciting game. I am going to slide my hardness deep in your tight little ass, and I am going to hold very still. You are going to use your muscles, and squeeze me, work me, please me while I am buried so deep in your body. If you can make me cum that way, you win. Maybe you will get ice cream for winning. But, little one, you will get tired. You will start to get tired right away… you know how big I am inside you… how full and violated you feel when I fill you up, and the more you work, the harder you squeeze, soon your muscles will burn, and, before long, you will be too tired to please me. And, if that happens, you lose this game… if you lose this game, we will play another one, and, I can promise you, it will be a game you do not enjoy. Are you ready to begin?

Now be a good girl and hold still, it will be much worse if you wriggle and squirm
Posting alot of spanking today

after seeing the perfect ass, i can’t think of anything but spanking it until it’s all flushed with colour. 

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